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Anak (Child)

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Anak (Child)
When you born into this world 
Your parents we're very happy 
And their hands were your guide

And your mother and father 
Didn't khow what else to do 
They watch you even while you sleep

At night your mother stay awake 
Just to prepare your milk 
And in the morning your father is happy 
While he plays with you on his lap

Now that you've grown older 
What you wanted was to be free 
Even if they disagree, they can't do anything

Soon you began to change 
You became stubborn 
And you failed to heed their advice

You did not even think 
That what there are doing is all for you 
And because you only wanted to follow what you want 
Your ignored them

A few more years have passed 
And you lost your way 
You found yourself with many vices

And the first person you approached 
Was your crying mother 
And she asked, "My child, what did this happen to you?"

And your eyes began to form tears 
Withour you noticing it
Your thoughts were full of regrets 
Your realize that you were wrong

You thoughts were full of regrets 
You made a mistake

You thoughts were full of regrets

"Anak (Child)"

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  1. Ingatkan lirik lagu anak - freddie aguilar tu. ke memang lirik lagu tu? hehehe!


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