April 13, 2019

Royal Canin

Your Pet’s Nutrition Support from Royal Canin
With more and more people knowing the importance of pet’s nutrition pet food market is increasingly growing nowadays and is rapidly being available. Whether you own a dog or a cat, getting high-quality food is now easily possible. For instance, if a pet is being fed with low-quality food, they will be exposed to different diseases that for sure you don’t want them to experience. Here comes Royal Canin – the brand that is committed in bringing out the best in your pet through healthful inventions. To contribute a lot in making your cat and dog enjoy longer life and better health, this brand ensures every pet owner that their products are perfect for every animal’s needs.

Feeding your Pet with Healthy
Food Enhanced by the expertise and professionalism, Royal Canin guarantees all pet owners that their foodstuff is prepared with constant nutritional formulation. In fact, extensive research about raw materials and their precise selections in addition to strict quality controls during each phase in accordance to the quality control management, guarantees every one of an uncompromising quality products. Additionally, this company consists of eleven laboratories, three satellite laboratories and one central laboratories that are helping together to make sure that the nutritional support needed by pets are sustained. No matter if you are looking for the best  Royal Canin Malaysia prices Royal Canin cat food Malaysia price you can get them here on Lazada Malaysia for saving rates and special offers that you would want to miss!

Why choose Royal Canin in Malaysia?

  • The brand is committed to provide the best nutritional needs of cats and dogs
  • Food products are formulated with the highest nutritional support
  • They have a variety of dog and cat products to select from
  • You can ensure food quality and food safety for their products
Royal Canin Cat Food in Malaysia

  • Products: Cat food items are Kitten Maine Cocoon, Persian, and a variety of British Shorthair
  • Features: These cat food are formulated with minerals and vitamins
  • For: It offers balanced and complete feed for baby and adult cats

  • Royal Canin Dog Food in Malaysia

  • Products: Some of their food are Poodle 30, Shih Tzu Junior and Adult, Maltese, Chihuahua, Golden Retriever Junior and Adult
  • Features: This food is formulated with many ingredients and infused with variety of minerals and vitamins
  • For: You can give these food for your pet in different weights such as those who weighs 1 kg to 45kg

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