Januari 29, 2024

Lirik Lagu Just Missing You (Hanya Rindu)

Andmesh - Hanya Rindu (English Version)

"Just Missing You" translated by Emma Heesters:

When i am by myself
Looking at photos and videos
That we took
I’ve been keeping them for so long

And with my broken heart
I see all the pictures of myself
Living life with-out you just feels so wrong

I want you to be here with me
I know it sounds crazy
I miss your laugh and
I miss everything
We used to be

And even if it is just for a while
Then god please give us the time
I can’t deal with the reality
There’s nothing left that i can do
Cause my heart is just missing you

I tried everything
Every way i could forget you
Just so i can live my life without you

Nothing is the same
It's hard for me


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