Mac 09, 2024

What is the difference between "sabar" and "tunggu" in Malay?


  • To be patient
  • To restrain oneself(from doing bad things)


  • To wait

As you can see here, their meanings are far apart from each other. However, they may be used in phrases that have the same meaning.

  • “Tunggulah!” = “Wait up!”

This is obvious. No need for an explanation.

  • “Sabarlah!” = “Be patient!”

This can mean two things; one, you’re telling your friends to be just that, patient, and two, you’re telling your friends that you’ll be done in a minute while they’re waiting for you(probably in annoyance, bpth you and them. Who knows?). This is the extension of the first meaning.

Anyhow, the two words(“tunggu” and “sabar”) aren’t much different than their English counterpart(“to wait” and “to be patient”).



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