Disember 07, 2018

How To Install A Blogger Template

How To Install A Blogger Template

Welcome to our template installation guide, we have tried to cover every single detail to ensure that you will not face any kind of difficulty, while installing our template.

Follow this simple guide to install your Favorite Blogger Template. Lets Proceed

Step - 1 ( Downloading The Template)

Search for the template you want in and then choose one which suits your blog niche, we have covered a lot of blogger template for almost every niche, now Click on to the “Download button” and save file in your hard drive.

Step - 2 ( Extracting The Folder )

We compress the template folder to maintain the file size you have to unzip it so that you can access the template, to Unzip Just Right click on the file and select "Extract". or else use third party software's like Winrar and 7zip.  

Step - 3 ( The Login Process )

Visit - and Log in to your blogger account.

Setup - 4 ( Choose The Blog )

Find the blog where you want to install the template, Now to install the template on your desired blog select "Template" Option from the dropdown.

Step - 5 ( Let's Backup And Install )

Just go to the top right corner of your screen, there you will see Backup / Restore button, Click that button.

A pop up will appear and you will see two options, click the "Download template" button to backup your previous template.

Note: - " Before doing this, Please backup your previous template because, if you have any problem after uploading the new template, the backup file will help you for restore. "

Now you lets proceed to the final and most important step which is installing.

To Install the template click on "Choose file" Button and search for the folder where you have extracted your template file.

After looking for the desired folder just select the .xml file and click upload button. ( Folder may has a .XML file and .TXT file or Internet shortcuts, you should select only XML file. )  


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Minat juga dengan template ni. Sekarang rasa malas nak tukar sebab macam tak ngam je dengan blog kinah. Nice sharing JM

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